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Kingsmouth Roleplay FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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  1. How do I join the server?
    Please refer to Kingsmouth Roleplay Server Connection Info. The server should be added to your multiplayer menu's favorites for easy connection. Also note: Your connection username must match your in-game character's name. Be careful not to copy any extra spaces in the connection info otherwise you won't be able to join.
  2. Is in-game interactions restricted to text chat or voice chat?
    Either option is allowable. We prefer voice chat for faster interactions, and slowing down RP is encouraged to accommodate people using text chat.
  3. How do I get an ID or Driver's License?
    They are issued by clerks at the Arrivals Building in the main lobby. IDs are free, and Driver's Licenses cost $20. Keep an eye out for notices posted on the Discord announcing when they're open to issue documents. If you've been waiting for too long, please open a ticket requesting assistance regarding this.
  4. How do I rent/purchase a building, house, etc.?
    To purchase a building, right-click any door attached to said building, hover over Manage Property, then select the option to buy the building. If the building or section of building is rentable, repeat the process and select the option to rent it for $X/week. Note: Funds will be withdrawn from your bank account for purchases or weekly rental dues, so be sure to have enough money in your bank account.
  5. I bought a building, but one of the doors is not letting me manage it! What do I do?
    Right-click the door, go under Manage Property, then select Fix Missing Door Data. This should resolve the issue, but if not, please open a ticket for further assistance.
  6. Is corruption RP allowed?
    Certain scenarios are allowable, however joining a department to rob them is strictly forbidden and most forms of corruption must first be approved by an admin. Please refer to rule 4.12 in Kingsmouth Roleplay Server Rules.
  7. Are second characters allowed?
    At the beginning of any new iteration, we may allow certain individuals to have second characters to fill in much needed roles. However second characters are typically reserved for our Patrons donating to us via Patreon.

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