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Mayor Elections

Want to become mayor of West Point? Submit your platform under Kentucky Roleplay > Government > Elections > Mayor
The election has begun!

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One of the KRP OGs

I've been on KRP since 2022 and started to play with my favorite character, David Jacquet, a French immigrant who moved to Kentucky.
I became disinterested around the New Year of 2024 when I took a little pause from KRP for around 6 months.
David Jacquet | BriBrooo
David Jacquet | BriBrooo
Rememberable moments are:
  • Louisville Iteration (Mid 2022): Ransack of LVPD with Det. Ice. + The Kennedy Brothers and their Skat-tacks!
  • West Point Iteration (Late 2022): Original Legacy of David starts, GigaMart becomes an economic stronghold when everyone is struggling. IRS warrant against David Jacquet for $2.000.000.
David Jacquet | BriBrooo
David Jacquet | BriBrooo
  • West Point Expansion Iteration (Early 2023): Jacquet and Aquatake's love, the unlawful and the lover. + Sani's scientific alliance for poultices.
  • Riverside Iteration (Mid 2023): Sjofn and Gertrude's wedding.