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Server Rules Kentucky Roleplay - Server Rules

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  1. Important Notices
    1. All character names should be unique, and not taken from TV Shows, movies, books, or any other popular media & history.
    2. The server and its judgment are not subject to your acute definition of "fairness." We will punish on our guidelines, not yours.
  2. Zero Tolerance Rules *All zero tolerance rules will result in an automatic ban. Do NOT break any of the following rules.
    1. Cheating or Exploits (Including clever use of game mechanics).
    2. Racial slurs.
    3. Sexual harassment.
    4. Stalking, predatory, or creepy behavior towards any member of the community.
    5. Suicide RP of any kind.
    6. Roleplay or Character bleed
      1. In Character activities that bleed into OOC feelings or harassment.
      2. OOC feelings that bleed into Roleplay drama.
  3. General Rules
    1. We are a semi-serious RP Community. Generally you must be always serious and realistic in game and in character, however breaking character is allowable.
    2. Treat everyone with respect. No racism, sexism, hate-speech, or harassment will be tolerated.
    3. Do not discuss any politics or inflammatory topics.
    4. No spam or self-promotion is allowed without staff approval.
    5. No NSFW or obscene content. ERP is NOT allowed in KRP.
    6. Your discord server nickname must be your primary character's name! Secondary characters are not currently allowed.
    7. Enable Push-to-talk in game. Having your mic open allows for background noises to be picked up, ruining immersion for those surrounding you. Be courteous to others!
    8. Do NOT DM staff unless asked to do so. If you have an issues In Character, handle it in character. If you have an OOC issue, like character bleed or a rule break, create a ticket.
    9. If you crash in the middle of any scenario, you are required to notify whoever you were in scene with and let them know you did not combat log. If you are unable to return after running from the police, you are required to turn yourself in once you log back in.
  4. GAMEPLAY RULES All rule punishments are stackable. If multiple rules are broken, the same punishment will not be stacked twice. WARNINGS will be given for first offences, but the listed punishment will be given for the second offence to allow players to adapt to the rule system and improve their roleplay skills.
    1. Be a storyteller, not a fighter - 2 day ban
      1. You should strive to start storylines from every scenario.
      2. There should be at minimum two to three days of ‘hostile’ interactions between characters before the situation is escalated to violence. Hostile scenarios that require self-defense are excluded from this rule
      3. Killing someone ends the roleplay, try something else instead. (Kidnap them, rob them, injure them) Do something to create an interesting story for both players to enjoy.
    2. Random Deathmatch (RDM) - 3 day ban
      1. You CANNOT kill or injure someone without prior interaction, there must be a reason(motive) behind your interactions that is story driven.
      2. This INCLUDES revenge RDM. If you are killed in an RP scenario you cannot respawn and “witch-hunt”/revenge kill the player or group that killed you.
      3. Sniper rules:A sniper is an individual who holds an elevated or hidden position before AND during the combat scenario. If the player moves their position after the gunfight begins, they are not considered a dedicated sniper. For scenarios where you have a sniper positioned, you MUST make that known to the other party to use the advantage of having a sniper. If the sniper kills someone without making their presence known, it will be considered RDM.
        1. Snipers must be announced verbally, “warning shots” are not an announcement.
        2. If the sniper cannot be announced for any reason, they may leave their post and join the fight as a regular gunman.
        3. Snipers may only shoot after a signal has been given and may NEVER be the first shot taken inside any hostile scenario.
    3. Powergaming - 3 day ban
      1. Abuse of game mechanics/bugs/exploits/dupes etc. We monitor everything, you will not get away with it.
      2. Timing any major crimes around server restart is not allowed in ANY case.
      3. You can only kidnap ONE on duty police officer per scenario.
      4. Killing an individual to make them “Forget” what just happened is strictly prohibited.
      5. Purposefully killing your character off to get out of a scenario is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. You must see the scenario through.
      6. Vehicle RDM is also prohibited. Randomly killing people with your car (not by accident) is poor RP and is against the rules.
    4. Fear RP and No Value of Life - 3 day ban
      1. Valuing your life and the lives of those around you is a MUST!! If someone has a gun to your head, you must act in your own self-preservation!
      2. You should only take risks according to the situation you are currently in. Think about consequences before you act. THINK CRITICALLY and carefully. Pulling your gun out is not always the best possible option. -
        1. RP YOUR INJURIES!! If you see someone else get shot in the street, report it to the police. If you hear gunshots DO NOT RUN TOWARDS THEM!
    5. New Life Rule (NLR) - 2 day ban
      1. If you respawn (going to hospital) then your memory of how you died is completely wiped.
        1. The events that lead to your injury is gone. You may not remember anything from 15 minutes prior, however, events leading up to your death are only able to be recovered if given direct consent from your assailant via documentable discord DM’s that are free from any changes or edits.
      2. If you are killed during a shootout or hostile situation, you are completely unconscious.
        1. You cannot see or hear anything while you are downed and cannot speak.
        2. After 10 minutes of being unconscious, you may lightly groan and make confused responses during medical interactions.
        3. When you are revived or helped up, you cannot remember any of the conversations you had while unconscious.
      3. You must avoid interaction with the individual that downed you for at least 30 minutes.
      4. If you are downed during a shooting, you cannot respawn and run back to join in the gunfight. You should be fearful for your life. Do not try to pull your gun out and keep fighting.
      5. In the aftermath of the scenario, you cannot be killed by the same party again, they must allow you to walk away.
    6. Baiting - 1 day ban
      1. Do not do specific actions to get law enforcement’s attention that wouldn’t happen in Real life.
      2. Luring police away with fake crimes is strictly prohibited.
      3. You cannot down yourself or a friend to bait doctors to kidnap or rob them.
    7. METAGAMING - 7 day ban
      1. Using ANY out of character information from Discord, streams, dev logs, or third-party calls/chats is in every way unacceptable and against the rules.
      2. Watching a stream or video of another players in game activities while you are in game is discouraged due to the temptation to Metagame.
      3. Third party communications, such as discord calls/being in a discord conversation with someone while in game is PROHIBITED.
      4. If you have any questions on what is/isn’t metagaming, create a ticket.
    8. Roleplay Failing/Fail RP - 2 day ban
      1. Doing generally unrealistic things while in-character that is not time period appropriate.
      2. Using modern day lingo, you must speak and use terms from the correct period.
      3. Running to gunshots/ involving yourself into situations that don’t involve you on purpose is prohibited.
      4. While arresting another player, you must keep interacting with them.
      5. Mute RP or the act of playing a mute character is not allowed.
      6. Supernatural RP of any kind is not allowed unless approved by staff (open a ticket).
      7. Pregnancy RP is NOT allowed in any form.
      8. Gunplay with non-lethal rounds is not allowed (they are still lethal) When you shoot a weapon, you are always shooting to kill.
      9. Let police officers do their jobs, do not bug officers at crime scenes.
      10. Do NOT insert yourself into Law enforcement RP if you are not an officer.
      11. Criminals should fear all types of law enforcement.
      12. Federal levels of law enforcement, judges and realtors are not allowed to be corrupt.
      13. You may not dump bodies in irretrievable places. You can be creative but allow for good roleplay.
      14. Torture RP is only allowed when both parties consent via Discord DM’s. You must get permission before making any permanent damage to anyone.
        1. This excludes dismemberment. Dismemberment is not allowed in any case.
        2. You may not kill someone after torturing them, you must let them live. (This includes taking them to a remote location without food or water and leaving them there).
    9. Hostage RP - 12 hour ban
      1. After you take a hostage, you have 15 minutes to start the job you took the hostage for. If you do not start the job within that time frame, you must let the hostage go.
      2. You are allowed to rob the hostage under the robbery guidelines, but you may not kill them.
    10. Criminal Guidelines - 3 day ban
      1. Civilians and civilian property
        1. Robbing players while they are AFK or in a menu is strictly prohibited.
        2. If you rob a player, you are prohibited from killing them. Once you take the items, it is final.
        3. When robbing an individual, you may only take 20% of their belongings.
        4. You are prohibited from forcing a player to withdraw anything from their personal bank.
        5. If you are robbed, you are not allowed to draw a weapon or act hostile towards your assailants directly after the robbery and must roleplay that you are fearful of your life.
        6. Stealing keys, identification, licenses, and similar documents is prohibited.
      2. Stores and Banks
        1. You are not allowed to chain rob stores or banks. You are not allowed to hit the same store or bank more than once per server restart (24 hours).
        2. You are not allowed to use friends or robbery participants as hostages.
      3. Robbery and murder of any kind is strictly prohibited without any LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers) online.
    11. Gang and Posse Guidelines - 2 day ban (whole gang)
      1. The maximum roster size per gang is 10 official (“patched”) members
        1. Any criminal activity is limited to 5 active persons.
      2. If a player has a mask or bandana over their face, you cannot use their voice to identify them.
        1. You must use other features to identify the individual such as: Scars, clothing, items or other personal features.
    12. Anti-Corruption - 7 day ban
      1. Joining a department just to steal their equipment/supplies/etc. is strictly forbidden.
      2. The following forms of corruption are allowable, any other forms must be approved by an admin first:
        1. Spying/informant RP
        2. Misleading department officials to cover up crimes (i.e. being dishonest/lying)
    13. All Chat Misuse - 12 hour ban
      1. All chat is reserved for 911 calls and urgent admin requests. See below for examples.
        1. 911: Reporting crimes, calling for medical aid, or requesting emergency assistance.
        2. Admin Requests: Resolving immediate in-game RP disputes or reporting rule breakers as it happens.
        3. Other matters should be taken to a Discord support ticket, or a thread should be opened within our forum's Help Desk category.
      2. Generally warnings may be issued for all chat misuse, however staff may issue punishment at their discretion.
    14. Non-PvP Areas - 3 day ban
      1. Certain areas are forbidden for PvP actions being taken. This means no robbing, killing, attacking, etc. See below for those areas:
        1. Business Warehouse
        2. Town Hall/Spawn Point
        3. Courtrooms
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Added 10.1.6: Stealing keys, identification, licenses, and similar documents is prohibited.
Added 4.14: Non-PvP Areas - 3 day ban
Certain areas are forbidden for PvP actions being taken. This means no robbing, killing, attacking, etc.
Added Town Hall is a non-PvP zone now.
Added Courtrooms are a non-PvP zone now.
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